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Housed in an acoustically designed ambience of 15,000 sqft, it contains more than 25,000 volumes of books and 160 National and International journals and is also connected to Web OPAC.

Online Fee Payment

KIET is actively pursuing cashless campus initiative and in efforts to facilitate the initiative, we have introduced cashless online payments. KIET facilitates the students and staff for making payments online.


MOOL (Minimalistic Object Oriented Linux) aims at redesigning the Linux kernel to reduce coupling and increase maintainability by means of OO (Object Oriented) abstractions.


One of the finest institutions in Andhra Pradesh. What else could be expected of an institution led by the visionary Chairman. Right from the induction program Abhiyan to the Graduation ceremony it's a cherished journey.

Ananth Reddy

Education and activities are given equal priority during engineering that increases student's skills in all the aspects to become competent in this competitive environment.

Kannaa C

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