MOOL (Minimalistic Object Oriented Linux) aims at redesigning the Linux kernel to reduce coupling and increase maintainability by means of OO (Object Oriented) abstractions.

Advantages of Message Filters:

  • The message filter model can be used for real time monitoring. One direct application is to build an intrusion detection system that monitors and filters the interactions with the kernel.
  • Message filters are in the kernel space. Hence they are safe from manipulations by normal users.
  • It provides an ability to add and enforce variety of security policies.
  • It also allows implementation of policies in form of (object oriented) code instead of only a static policy data (e.g. policy file written in a DSL or XML).
  • Since the model is developed in an object-oriented way abstracting the core functionality of the kernel, adding extensible and maintainable kernel extensions is made easier.
  • It can be used to handle device driver failures and protect kernel against exploitation of bugs in the code.