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Our Hostel is a home away from home; Separate hostels for girls and boys are provided in the city. Hostels in the city enable easier access to the parents.. esp to the parents of the girl students.  A near home environment and ambience is provided in the hostels.

With the idea of providing accommodation and in-house personal care to the students coming from various corners of the state, KIET Group has built hostels that provide the right academic ambience for students to pursue their quest for knowledge.


  • There is one Hostel for ‘Girls’ and one for ‘Boys’; The Hostels for ‘Girls’ and for ‘Boys’ are exclusive and well segregated geographically, keeping in view our tradition, culture and heritage values.
  • The Hostels have necessary Infrastructure and Facilities with separate modern kitchens, Dining Halls and Services.
  • The Hostels have provisions for hot water round the clock, through heaters.
  • There are separate study Halls in addition to well established central Libraries of the Institution at the Campus.
  • Department stores are available for ‘Boys’ and for ‘Girls’, in the Campus to serve/ meet the day-to-day needs of Hosteller.
  • Support facilities such as Canteens, Internet, Telecom center, Sports, Entertainment/ Recreation are available. DTP, Bank/ATM, Post Office is also located at nearby place.
  • Internet Centre is available separately for Boys and for Girls well within the Premises.
  • Institution wise orientation: Floors/ Rooms in each of the Hostels are administratively so earmarked for allotment of Rooms by the Head of the Institution.

Rules & Regulations

  • Every ward has to pay, the entire fee prescribed by the Hostel Authorities before admitting to the hostel.
  • Inmate has to maintain discipline in all respects.
  • Inmate should not leave the hostel without prior permission of the Hostel In Charge/Warden.
  • Any damage / misbehavior made by the inmate to hostel / mess property will attract the fine.
  • General breakage charges will be collected from every inmate at the end of the academic year / Semester for issuing the hall ticket by the concerned institute.
  • Use of cell phones, smoking, illegal activities and teasing the inmates is prohibited in the campus.
  • Individual Inmates are responsible for their belongings.