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The Robotics Centre for Enhanced Learning at KIET was installed with the motto of imparting knowledge which is beyond the curriculum. Academicians at KIET do believe that the curriculum alone wouldn’t give the students adequate strength to survive the competitive world. And also such Innovative fields aren’t nurtured to the wards. The scope of work is rapidly transforming and the trends of market do require latest technologies and such a course is Robotics. It acts like an Incubation Hub for the students to grow vertically and create innovative projects in the field of Robotics.


  • To teach the students about Robots and their widespread Applications
  • To teach students on how Robots are built
  • To programme the robots to do various tasks
  • To develop the entrepreneurship skills by introducing market to them
  • To enhance the student’s knowledge on Embedded systems
  • To conduct competitions amongst students and motivate them
  • To bring out the innovation in students

The Practice: The course is taught to the students in various levels as of level 1 to level 6 from their third semester onwards. The intention of such a system is that gradually students learn the following

  • Electronics and Embedded Systems
  • Programming languages
  • Robots
  • Entrepreneurship skills

By the time of the students reach their 5th level of training the students are given scope to do various mini projects as per the curriculum also. Also, the toppers are sent to Industrial research for further learning. In their final semester they are scheduled to do their 6th level of training where they perform innovative projects such as Firefighting robot, etc.

Obstacles faced: The major obstacle faced in running RCEL is time factor. Therefore, timetable has been regulated and considerable changes have been made in academic calendar. Since institution has Memorandum of Understanding with JayRobotix who provide resource persons and expertise and train the students on the objectives.

Impact of the practice: The students earn extensive knowledge in the field of Robotics and have a demand in the field of robotics. Also the students become Entrepreneurs due to the encouragement and support rendered by the management. Recruiters too get innovators in the field of robotics which is a rare instinct in India.

Resources required:

  • State of the Art Laboratory
  • Optimised time schedule
  • Resource persons
  • Digital classrooms
  • Students