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Student Council(CQC)

Presence of an active Student Council & representation of students on academic & administrative bodies

The Student Council of KIET called Class Quality Circle (CQC) empowers the students in gaining leadership qualities and execution skills. It constitutes of all the teachers of a class and the class CQC includes student leaders too. Every Class is divided into 6 batches where every batch has 10 Student members. The composition of student members is of one topper(Leader),  average and  slow learners and the one who has more integrity with other students of each class is nominated as class representative. The above procedure is implemented for all the sections of all years in U.G & P.G Courses.

The student members bring forward the views and suggestions of the entire class with respect to the faculty, subjects, syllabus and any grievances related to the class. The Student Council helps students share ideas, interests, and concerns with lecturers and principal, including social events, community connects, helping people in need and college reform. Various programs like paper presentations, workshops and seminars are organized by these bodies every year.

The members of the student councils are also divided into categories which have a specific responsibility and are also nominated by the Principal on following committees such as Anti ragging committee, Student grievance redressal cell, Annual college magazine, College Library, Cultural committee, NSS, NCC, Sports & Games.

The main aim of the Student council is to maintain discipline in the college. The Council members identify students who have talent and interest in sports, cultural activities, NCC & NSS and motivate them to involve in various activities like Participating in competitions, industrial visits, Tournaments, Sports, organizing Annual Social Gathering, Republic Day, Independence Day etc. It is the council members responsibility to report to the class teacher about any indiscipline or unexpected issues happen in any activity. They help the college authorities in organizing and managing various curricular and co-curricular activities in the college.