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Are you getting ready to start a whole new phase of your life with the new college?

Excited about your first day in college? Worried about your new life at college?

Well the answer is ‘Yes’ to all the questions.

You must be excited, but leaving your family, friends and hometown can be little scary in addition to a fear filled excitement about new campus life.

You must have heard a lot of success stories of students, fun filled campus life, extracurricular activities, campus infra, campus greenery and the best places to hang out and eat in the campus and of course rumours about ragging and hostel lives.

To help calm your nerves and give tips to make your new campus life interesting, KIET #CampusDiaries is here with some fresher gyaan.

  1. Get to know and chat with the people around you. It takes good relations and team work to be successful in both studies and your life.KIET_Freshers_Gyaan
  2. Not everyone is a genius and not everyone knows everything. Someone might be good in what you are bad at and vice versa. Exchange the intelligence.KIET_Freshers_Gyaan
  3. It’s life, it will never go as you expected. Be ready and flexible to accept the changes and adapt the new environment.KIET_Freshers_Gyaan
  4. Learn planning rather than doing many things in a mess. It always pays off.KIET_Freshers_Gyaan
  5. Attend every orientation, seminar and workshop. There is always something to learn. Welcome the knowledge.KIET_Freshers_Gyaan
  6. Hostel life is always fun with friends and late night chats but it will also makes you responsible to your own life.KIET_Freshers_Gyaan
  7. Be inspired but don’t copy. Because an original is worth more than a copy.KIET_Freshers_Gyaan
  8. Be friendly with not only your bench mates or classmates but also other department students, canteen server, hostel guard. Everyone has something to teach you.KIET_Freshers_Gyaan
  9. Don’t fly away with the new freedom. Always remember the reason for you to be here today.KIET_Freshers_Gyaan

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