Name of the designer: ANUPOJU SAI MANI SHANKAR


Contact no: 9989831337


Story of success…

I was always fascinated by the benefits, environmental impact, economic benefits and energy security of renewable energy. Our planet cannot sustain on non-renewable energies and finite resources forever. The world needs to find a better way to secure the planet and preserve the energy sources. Energy generated from never-run-out sources are the best alternatives aka renewable energies. Energy generated from natural resources such as wind, solar power, hydro and tidal etc. is the way to go to preserve the nature for future generations.

The thought of giving a hand towards making the planet Earth secure has led me to work on a project ‘electric power generation through human locomotion’. And converting a thought into a reality is never an easy option. I always dreamt of a sustainable design which would last as long as mankind. I was always a do it guy and same was the case with this idea.

I threw in countless work hours going on studying various science papers, prototypes and models before I could narrow in on the basic prototype. It took 7 days of paper work to make a feasible design analysis and to present it to our Head of the Department. With our HOD’s encouragement, I went on to design a prototype.

Designing a prototype is no child’s play. I would wreck my brains from 7 AM in the morning without breaks. It took a lot of mental energy, patience and confidence to resolve the issues and find a way to make it work. The schedule was same for the next 15 days. In the process to make the prototype successful, I’ve invested all my earnings and time. At the end of the 15th day, my efforts paid to an extent with the positive support and encouragement from our Chairman, Principal and HOD. Our chairman has agreed to make the project a real time implementation at the entrances our college campus on which I started my work along with Srinivas, Lakshmi Narayana, Naveen kumar and Jafar Khan.

I got an opportunity to present my project HUGEN at JNTUK- a one day workshop on BRAIN STORMING INNOVATIONS of ignited minds. Auditorium was a mix of young entrepreneurs, AP Higher education CEO, JNTUK vice chancellor, Director and many students like me. The presentation was a big success. Everyone applauded the efforts and encouraged me to pursue the project further. It felt great to experience the success of first step in the right direction.

At JNTUK, I met an official from District training office and he has given me an opportunity to present my idea at an innovation summit in JNTUK. Our project got selected for further rounds to participate in a workshop on IoT conducted by APHRDI, Bapatla.

The project, being presented at many workshops in front of industry experts has given us lot of insights to improve upon. We received appreciation and encouragement from various state level officials, former IAS officers and engineers along with the approval to implement it live in East, West Godavari and Krishna districts. Along with the guidance to apply for a patent, we got an opportunity to be a part of Innovator Engineering team at Hyderabad.

JNTUK has been playing a significant part in promoting our project. JNTUK Innovation center Director SRI.J V R MURTHY is going to present the idea our Honorable Chief Minister SRI N CHANDRABABU NAIDU in the next month. JNTUK innovation center has also offered a separate lock to implement the live project.

With all the support and guidance from the right people at the right time in the right direction, we have been able to achieve so far. And we got an opportunity to exhibit our prototype in 12th FICCI HIGHER EDUCATION SUMMIT 2016(Global conference and exhibition) to be held in Delhi.

We look forward for an innovation inspired society. I always imagine an amazing world free of all the third world problems and I shall take my step forward to that goal.

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