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Goals and Objectives

  1. To take a cohesive group of students to understand the contemporary industry practices in the chosen domain area.
  2. Interact with industry personnel to seek info of industrial eco-systems.
  3. Understand the organisational structure and the process followed by the industry in functional areas Ops, HR, Finance, and Marketing & Systems.
  4. Conduct the Tour in a safe, comfortable and in economical manner.
  5. Execute the Plan meticulously and should have contingency plans.
  6. To understand the nature and type of industry the students will be entering on successful completion of the programme in KIET.
  7. Develop interaction with industry for future Internships, Campus placements.

Period the IOT

It was  conducted from 22nd Dec 18 to 4th Jan 19

Scheduling of Tour Circuit to Batches

  1. Plan for Four Industrial Visit Circuits
    a) KKD-Chennai (A),
    b) KKD-Bangalore-Mysore (B),
    c) KKD-Hyderabad (C),
    d) KKD-Coimbatore–Ooty (D)
  2. Allocate Batches to Circuit A, B, C and D based on the Engineering Branches and the number of batches and the capacity of the Industry.

Develop Schedule: Station-wise, Industry-wise, Date /Time-wise & Group-wise. Scheduling of Batches – Circuit-Wise, Domain-wise, Station-Wise, Industry-Wise / Batch-Wise

Mode of Travel

  1. The mode of Travel is determined by the distance, timing, availability of direct trains and availability of accommodation.
  2. Journey should be planned in such way, as far as possible; no splitting of a batch takes place as far as possible.
  3. The economy, safety, comfort and the duration of journey is important factor.
  4. The subcommittee of Travel and Accommodat.ion should carryout analysis of various options and develop a date base for allocation of concerned mode of transport.
  5. The proximity of place of stay, location of industry is important inputs to be considered.