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The Panel Discussion on impact of global technology disruption and job opportunities at KIET. Top innovators, regulators, and decision makers came together to foster technological innovation and recommend policy measures to the benefit of all.

The panel discussion on Technologies for a Smart Future explored disruptive technological advances and their potential transformative effect on mobility, energy, and urban infrastructure. Experts highlighted data protection and security as additional concerns with new technologies and business models due to the zeta bytes of data being accumulated for ensuring adequate protection and responsible use of this data calls for serious deliberation. Finally, they added, no technology can be considered ‘smart’ unless it is economically viable, socially inclusive, and environmentally sustainable.

Students should evolve an economic and regulatory framework that incentives job creation. Because the coming fourth industrial revolution will create a number of new jobs, mostly in the high-paying, high-skill sectors. India must evolve an economic and regulatory framework that incentives job creation in these sectors. And they need to establish robust privacy and data protection policies. Due to future technological evolution will generate enormous on-line data containing the private information of millions of citizens, and will require safeguards.




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