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Every year hundreds of companies visit KIET campus to recruit students for their companies. It is in fact, a matter of pride for students to get selected while being on campus. Campuses are a risk-free way of finding jobs. However, there is much more than technical knowledge that required to clear a campus recruitment interview. Following are few tips to guide you prepare for campus placement.

1.Focus on the basics

Placement Season is ON!
Remember that most of the HRs/Interviewers know only the basics of your subjects! Better be thorough with your basics!


2.Clamp the Opportunities

Never Miss an Opportunity,
Always Stay Updated About The New Opportunities Opening Up


3.Prepare a Resume

Resume might not be the only thing but it is definitely a big nuke to count upon!
A well-formatted resume with good language can make an ordinary guy look like a scientist!


4.Dress code

Because you should be dressed for the occasion.


5.Be confident

No one is an Omnipotent, but one should be confident enough to learn what they do not know and that is what companies look for.


6.Develop a Portfolio of projects

Hands on experience and learning is the best form of learning!
Start your projects today! Get ready for a big surprise on your way 


7.Lean the value of Networking

Networking is your number one tool in the business world and will always be! Use it wisely!


8.Master Language of your choice

Programming languages are not just for the sake of placement. They are meant for a life-time and for your career that is now budding!
Master one programming language and the logical abilities for an amazing and bright career!


9.Keep your Calm and do not lose focus

Stress interviews are all about maintaining your calm and if possible, making the interviewer lose his while he tries to drive you mad!
Give your best now!


10.Do not Get De-motivated

You need not be the guy who answers all the questions.
Be the guy who is willing to learn and solve any problem!


11.Do bring 2-3 copies of your resume

Keep your resumes handy!
Understand the tense feeling when you don’t have a resume for your final interview round!

12.Ask for their feedback

“There is no Failure, only Feedback.” – Robert Allen
Never hesitate to learn from your mistakes.


13.Be to the Point

Make sure your answers are Short and Crisp to keep the interview in a positive mood.


14.Different Resumes for different profiles

A resume given for a data processing and analysis profile can never impress a team hiring for a developer’s role!
So, keep in mind to project relevant expertise for relevant interviews!!!


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